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Located near Zion National Park and St. George, Utah

Providing spectacular views of the enormous, colorful rock monoliths of Zion National Park, our jeep tours traverse orange sand and unique red rock formations in all shapes and sizes that allow guests’ imaginations to run wild. Besides Zion, the two- or three-hour jeep excursions, available year round, offer panoramic vistas of St. George, the Pine Valley Mountains and the canyon country of the Arizona Strip. During each tour, our knowledgeable guides offer historical and geological background information on area landmarks. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of area wildlife, from small animals roaming the desert floor to birds of prey swooping overhead searching for their next meal.

Guests rave about our jeep tours. Some have mentioned it was the highlight of their trip while others have said they enjoyed our VIP treatment and our friendly, knowledgeable guides. On every tour, we supply water. In addition to our regularly scheduled tours, we also provide custom tours. Come join us for a jeep tour that will surely be one of the most memorable moments on your trip to Zion and its surrounding area!

Tour #1: Destination: Red Plateau
Climb 1500 feet to breath taking views overlooking St. George, Pine Valley Mtn, the Zion plateaus, and the Arizona Strip. Indian Village is the destination where unique rock formations become cougars, Indian chiefs, aliens, and various exotic animals as your eyes and imagination roam the scenic red sandstone landscape.
2 hour tour

Tour #2: Destination: Red Plateau, Jurassic Park, Sand Mountain
This tour goes into a desolate desert area of Hurricane Sands. As we make our way up the west trail, the panoramic views are breathtaking. We are headed to the 5000 foot level atop Sand Mountain as we travel around the south rim of the Red Plateau. We drive in and around gorgeous red rock monuments highlighted by orange sand and intense blue skys. We watch for hawks, eagles, and other raptors as they search for prey on the desert floor.
3 hour tour

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